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Whether your organisation is large or small the effects of having employees suffering from trauma and stress can be far reaching, damaging productivity, morale, reputation and most significantly the bottom line.

The Red Poppy Company helps organisations whose staff are suffering from the effects of trauma (see what is trauma) by providing them with the most effective treatment for their particular needs. 

But in addition to dealing with the direct effects of trauma, The Red Poppy Company also provides services that can reduce the impact trauma can have on an organisation, before it even happens.

Every organisation has to meet its legal duty of care responsibilities, but there are other, more practical, tangible reasons, outlined below, why organisations cannot afford to ignore the trauma issue.

Invest in your most precious asset - benefits to your organisation

In an organisation of any size, the people who work in it are its most valuable asset. They - above anything else - will have the most fundamental impact on whether that organisation operates smoothly and successfully - or not.

Keeping this asset in good health and good spirits is critical if an organisation is ever to fulfil its potential. 

So what happens to the organisation when it loses experienced, valuable members of the team? Quite simply, it stops operating efficiently and competently, and its ability to fulfil its potential, to reach the standards its sets itself is not only badly hampered, but can often take a backward step.

Losing valuable staff can prove costly to your organisation in a number of ways: 

flower Down Time
flower Reduced Productivity
flower Increased Likelihood of Employee Litigation 
flower Lost Management Time in Dealing with Staff Absence
flower Cost of Bringing in Temps to Fill the Staff Gap
flower Negative Impact on the Organisationís Bottom Line

It is estimated that 25% of staff involved in traumatic incidents will go on to experience longer term coping difficulties (Institute of Employment Studies), directly affecting an organisationís productivity.

Reducing employee absence levels, using workplace counselling services can have considerable benefits to an organisation. Research undertaken by McLeod & McLeod (McLeod & McLeod, 2001) reports that sickness and absence rates in clients are reduced by 25 to 50 per cent.

The Institute of Directors states that there is a clear financial benefit to employers who offer their workforce access to these services.

Investing in your people - your most valuable asset - not only makes good sense, it makes good business.

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