Critical Incident Services

Trauma can (and does) happen to anyone of us at anytime. Simply explained it is a normal reaction to a frightening or threatening experience. Traumatic events, which are termed Critical Incidents (CI), include for example:

  • Accident or Incident at Work
  • Fire, Road, Plane or Rail Crash
  • Violence, assaults, rape
  • Any life threatening experience, sudden death, suicide, serious accident

If you have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event it is important to remember:

  • Severe or difficult feelings are a normal response to trauma
  • It is not your fault

critical incident services

In the event of a Critical Incident Red Poppy Company can provide your organisation with the following services:

  • A nationwide service
  • Immediate telephone consultation and support
  • Telephone help line to support staff and managers
  • Provision of a trained and experienced Critical Incident Responder(s) to attend on site.
  • Post Incident Support
  • Specialist counselling & treatment for psychological trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Out of Hours Service


Red Poppy Critical Incident Services

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