Employee Care Services – Pay as you go

Here at the Red Poppy Company we have adopted a common sense approach to employee care, that enables your organisation whether small or large to purchase a range of services as and when you need them on a fee for service basis.

Thousands of organisations in the UK are purchasing expensive packages of care which will include telephone and face to face counselling, advice and legal lines on a costly contractual basis when the actual usage by employees is minimal. Organisations are paying for these on call services 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which is simply unnecessary.

The benefits of using Red Poppy Services are:

  • Your organisation controls the budget and usage
  • A hands on personal service
  • Accessing services at point of need which is cost effective
  • There are no costly up front retainer fees
  • Red Poppy Company understand both the needs of the employee and employer
  • 24/7 services are not required as they create a dependency culture for employees, diminishing self responsibility and discouraging self coping.
  • We focus on preventative training and building resilience in order to enhance Health and Wellbeing in the workplace.

Red Poppy Nationwide Fee for Services include:

  • Face to Face and telephone counselling 6 session model used
  • Preventative Training
  • Workplace coaching and mediation
  • Critical Incident response following an accident or incident
  • Experienced Critical incident responder to attend on site
  • Time limited out of hours crisis service when required
  • Telephone consultation and helpline to support staff and managers
  • Specialist trauma treatment service

Red Poppy Pay as you go Employee Services

To find out more about our pay as you go services, please contact us, our friendly staff will be happy to discuss your workplace needs and how we can help.
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