Workplace Training Programme

The Red Poppy Company provides a comprehensive range of training courses suited to the demands of the modern workplace. These one day courses meet the most up to date HSE recommendations on how to tackle Work Related Stress (WRS) and are available nationwide.

The Red Poppy Company training courses include:


  • Stress Management for Managers
  • Stress Management for Staff
  • Resilience Training

Well Being

  • Managing Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression
  • Effective Relaxation, Diet and Exercise
  • Health & Well Being Day
  • A New Approach for Health & Well Being in the Organisation
  • Mental health in the Workplace

Safety in the Workplace

  • Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Psychological Trauma in the Workplace
  • What an Organisation needs to do after a Critical Incident
  • Bullying in the Workplace

People Development

  • Effective Communication and People Skills
  • Assertiveness and Confidence Building
  • Team Building
  • Managing Change

Red Poppy Workplace Training Programmes

Red Poppy are highly flexible and are able to tailor our courses to your workplace needs.
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